About Us

Mirachem, LLC, a Heritage-Crystal Clean company, is a manufacturer and marketer of environmentally and worker-safe cleaning technologies, and provides advanced customer and technical support for users in a variety of applications, across many industries and business segments. Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, Mirachem was founded in 1978 as The Mirachem Corporation, and has been offering superior alternatives to traditional, hazardous cleaning chemistries for nearly 40 years.

Mirachem was founded with the mission to manufacture and market aqueous, or water-based, cleaning technologies. Committed to its core mission of delivering that perform at least as well as traditional chemistries, and which are cost-effective, environmentally responsible, worker safe, and highly compatible, Mirachem has been a leader in aqueous cleaning since 1978.

In the late 1970's, cleaning had not changed much since the days of industrial revolution. Hazardous chemistries were the standard in the workplace, and everyone knew that if it cleaned well, it was going to be be dangerous. In an age where one lifetime had seen technological advances that took people from the horse and buggy to man’s first steps on the moon, industry was prepared to accept that 19th century technology was as good as it got for removing grease and oil. Nearly four decades later, Mirachem has proven that technology can make a difference in industrial cleaning.

Times change, and science continues to tell us more about the world we live in and the long-term impact of our actions . Industry is demanding better performance from the products it buys. Workers are demanding healthier workplaces. Government is mandating environmental responsibility and accountability. We're all evolving to becoming more aware of the challenges we face as citizens of the planet we share. And at Mirachem, we know that our aqueous technologies must continue to evolve as well.

Mirachem continues to provides a number of products based on its' original technologies. We've also introduced a new generation of products developed to meet the needs of emerging industries, and the changes to established ones. We’re also holding true to our founding purpose of providing effective aqueous technologies that deliver material compatibility and worker safety.